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Of Corkboards and Typewriters

Okay, I’ve been playing around with this simplicity idea, and I’m going to experiment with it to see if it is a viable future for Scrivener. My idea is to have the main window look a little like the one in OmniOutliner. It displays either an outliner or a corkboard, with a drawer that can […]

Simplicity (and the inspectors cometh)

I haven’t got much time to do anything on Scrivener or the typewriter emulator this weekend. I wish the reason for this was that I am too busy enjoying Father’s Day and spending quality time with T. and O., but no… It’s actually because OFSTED have announced that they are inspecting our school this week, […]


You know, I really am quite prolix.


Except in that last entry, of course.

Dev. Diary: Quest for an interface

I’m currently finishing off the Literature & Latte website: getting the new forum up and running, gathering together free downloadable stuff (a couple of trivial programs and some classes for Cocoa programmers), putting together a links page, and of course getting the Scrivener page ready (so that I’m ready to hit the ground running when […]


Wow. I’ve just been called a Mac fanboy (or near enough) over on the Apple support forums. Despite the fact that I bemoan Apple as much as extol them. Why are people so rude and downright nasty on forums? A question on University Challenge recently revealed that given a certain number of users and a […]

Dev go d'oh

I was just browsing the Jer’s Novel Writer forums (I often browse the forums of other writing programs to keep on top of what the users out there want, and I also think that Jer’s is a lovely program – there’s always a copy in my Applications folder). I came across a post in which […]

The brand new yellow MacBook

Well, this is annoying. Lots of people have complained about issues with the new MacBooks – “mooing” coming from the fan, whining, overheating, crashing, warping; you name it. Of course, much of this seems disproportionate: if you hang out at a support site, you are only going to hear from people with problems, not satisfied […]

Full Screen vs Typewriter Mode…

I just came across a very interesting post, via the Hog Bay Software forum, here. The poster, Khoi Vinh, proposes an application (he mocks up something that he calls BlockWriter) that works just like a typewriter. It blocks out everything else on your desktop and doesn’t allow any editing, thus forcing you to forge on […]

Pedanticism gone mad

From today’s Guardian:Dan Chiasson… he has a lot about which to be smug