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Unexpectedly Catching Up with the GamerGate Controversy

I learned two new “G” words last night: GamerGate and Gawker. Perhaps I’ve been living under a rock, but until about 8pm yesterday evening, I’d heard of neither of them. Then, suddenly, according to the Twittersphere, we had come out in support of GamerGate – which was news to all of us. I’d therefore like […]

Why I Hate Sky But Quite Like David

Grr, Sky! Grr, Cornwall! (The sky I am referring to is the corporation owned by devil-incarnate Rupert Murdoch*, by the way, and not the most excellent canopy, the brave overhanging firmament, the majestical roof fretted with… Not the actual sky, I mean.)Despite the year being 2010 (2010! Where’s my hovercar? Where’s my robot butler?), thanks […]

Stardust and Inciting Incidents

Just to warn those who read this blog purely for Scrivener-related news: this post is only tangential to Scrivener, as it’s about my own fumbling attempts at writing (for which I use Scrivener, obviously), so you can safely tune out if you don’t like reading self-indulgent prattle.One of the reasons I created Scrivener in the […]

J.D. Salinger

(Note: Although I’ve moved most non-Scrivener related posts over to my Machine Dreams blog following a couple of users taking umbrage over my opinions on the objectively terrible Battlestar Galactica finale, I’m making an exception for this one. This is a re-post from the forums, and I feel it’s justified purely because J.D. Salinger was […]

Dollhouse / Sarah Connor

Okay, so I have now sat through nine episodes of Dollhouse with good grace, trying to trust in the usually brilliant Joss Whedon. After all, he created the generally superb Buffy, the fun Angel (which actually managed to make the hitherto dull character of Angel likeable and played off David Boreanz’s comic strengths, now used […]

Chasing the Pigeon

The catalyst that lead to my moving certain posts over to a non-Lit’n’Lat blog was my rant about the Battlestar Galactica finale. One reader of that rant has just contacted me to say that he is sorry to see it go, though, as he liked the term “chasing the pigeon”. I will thus proffer and […]

Welcome to Machine Dreams

Much of what is on this blog so far was originally over on I have moved all of the stuff that was not pertinent to Scrivener or Literature & Latte over here, to this new blog, because a few readers found it perturbing to see a developer talk about topics that had nothing to […]

Life without walls

Windows: Life without walls.“Turning off Windows Firewall might make your computer (and your network, if you have one) more vulnerable to damage from hackers and malicious software (such as worms).”

Please bring Midway Still back…

Best blog I’ve discovered this year (possibly the best blog ever): loved Midway Still. I had one of their cool T-shirts – bright orange, with the Converse All Star logo saying “Midway Still” instead of “Converse All Star”.Sigh.

In praise of another Ethan Hawke film…

Okay, a little while ago I raved about Gattaca, one of my all-time favourite sci-fi films. But there are, of course, two Ethan Hawke films that blow even that out of the water (and no, I’m not talking about Dead Poets’ Society)… Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. You can call me an old romantic (although […]