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Scrivener 1.7 for Windows Now Available

Scrivener 1.7 for Windows is a massive update, bringing many new features and refinements. It is also free to everyone who has a valid licence. Click to read more about it!

NaNo Tips for Writing with Scrivener

When writing your book this month, it is widely considered acceptable to write as much as you can, even if the quality of what you write may not be what you would consider “up to snuff” for the story you are writing. Since the daily word count is the main goal of the project for most people, this is okay. However, if you are also working toward the goal of producing something worthy of publishing—or at the very least, something you can be proud of—you might wish to somehow mark passages of text that you do not feel happy with, without completely deleting them or excluding them from the total counted work. There are a few ways of doing this in Scrivener.